We never sit still, some even say we are using seven league boots. Here you find several articles from people that wrote about us or where we tell ourselves about our adventures, developments and what's on our mind. 

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Events - June 2019

Staudt teams up with BMW

Staudt is an official partner for the BMW Privileges program in The Netherlands. A select group of BMW clients were invited at the Staudt-farm in Boekelo, where Yvo Staudt told his story and they got the chance to learn how a mechanical movement works. Each participant dissembled a watch movement and - almost all - managed to assemble it too! Check out the after movie (in Dutch).


What others write about us - June 2019

Fratello: New Staudt Praeludium Chronograph model – British Racing Green

Bert Buijsrogge from Fratello Watches wrote a review about our newest Praeludium Chronograph in British Racing Green. Check it out via the link below.

In conversation with... - February 2019

0024 WatchWorld: Yvo Staudt talks with Harry Wijnschenk at Inhorgenta Munich 2019

Harry Wijnschenk and the '0024 WatchWorld' youtube-team visited us at Inhorgenta Munich. They recorded a great interview in our stand between Yvo Staudt and Harry Wijnschenk. Yvo talks about an upcoming model, that will probably be released later this year.


Events - February 2019

Watches 'n tango at Inhorgenta Munich

Inhorgenta Munich 2019, our first time as an exhibitor at this fair that is growing in importance in the world of jewellery and watches. Together with our sheep we displayed our entire collection of watches, next to those visitors even got the chance to look at one of our new models that will most likely be launched this year.
Inhorgenta Munich 2019 was for us a great fair. Click the button below to read the full story.

In conversation with... - February 2018

Uhrenkosmos: Die uhr is der schmuck für den Mann

One of the leading watch journalists of the world Gisbert Brunner invited Yvo Staudt at his home to speak about watches. Yvo brought his accordion and played also some music. Check out the article and the movie (in German).


Events - December 2018

We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new 2019!

2018 is almost a wrap! We would like to wish you and your family a merry Christmas and a prosperous 2019. We are really looking forward for another year of watchmaking!

In conversation with... - December 2018

7DTV: Yvo Staudt gives five entrepreneurial lessons

Presenter Ronnie Overgoor invited Yvo Staudt to give five entrepreneurial lessons and tell about his ventures. Yvo spoke about mastering your mindset, energy and sales. For him sales are the 'seal of inspiration', and so becomes the sale itself secundary. The interview is in Dutch, despitely with officiacial subtitles, however automatic translation is quite accurate.


Events - October 2018

The Military Boekelo 2018 was a success

It has become one of our traditions: the Military Boekelo. The little village where we are located - Boekelo - is one week per year the scene of one of the biggest Equestrian Military events of the world. And we are proud sponsor.

What others write about us - October 2018

Fratello: Hands-on with the Staudt Praeludium Chronograph

During BoekeloWorld 2018 in April 2018 we introduced the Staudt Praeludium Chronograph. Robert-Jan Broer, from one of the biggest online watch blogs Fratello, wrote a hands-on review about this timepiece.


Events - April 2018

BoekeloWorld 2018

When we had to decide if we would join one of the most known watches fairs of the world, BaselWorld, we thought: let's do that Staudt-style. So we hosted our own events for jewellers and press from all over Europe. Check out the video report we made of it.

What others write about us - April 2018

Monochrome: Staudt Praeludium Chronograph: Dutch Elegance

Our Praeludium Chronograph has been welcomed very positively by the international watch press. One of the biggest watch blogs in the world Monochrome wrote a review of it.

Yvo Staudt

What others write about us - April 2018

Fratello: Staudt Praeludium Chronograph - Introduced at BoekeloWorld 2018

When we had to decide if we would join one of the most known watches fairs of the world BaselWorld, we thought: let's do that Staudt-style! So we hosted our own event for jewellers and press from allover Europe. Robert-Jan Broer from Fratello was also there, he wrote a nice article about it.

What others write about us - May 2017

Deployant: Introducing Staudt Watches: The story of a musician who became a watch creator

Deployant is an online watch blog especially dedicated to watch collectors all over the world. They wrote a wonderfull article about the story of Yvo Staudt.


What others write about us - December 2016

Fratello: Hands-on Staudt Praeludium Hand Wound

Our friends from the online watch blog Fratello took the time to have a closer look at our Praeludium Hand Wound and wrote a hands-on review about it. An honest write up by Robert-Jan Broer.

What others write about us - July 2016

Monochrome: Hands-on: Staudt Praeludium Hand Wound - A classical watch, just a bit different

A extensive hands-on review from Brice Goulard from our friends from the online blog Monochrome Watches. It gives a clear view about the quality and overall look & feel of the watch.