Our watchmaking history may be short, but our heritage certainly isn't.


The crest of Staudt

The crest in our logo is the Staudt family coat of arms. It is officially documented in the Rietstap  Armorial General. The Staudt family has always been characterised by entrepreneurialism and eccentricity. It was originally a German name, the origins of which date back to the 16th century.

Friedrich Staudt

Balloonist, ventriloquist and inventor

Friedrich Staudt (1809-1876) was a notable adventurer and one of the first Dutch balloonists to travel around the Netherlands and Germany showing off his impressive flying air ball. In addition, Friedrich acquired a patent for his invention of a special stamp ink, which he sold from his factory in Twenthe. All stamps were engraved by hand. The creativity and entrepreneurial sense displayed by Friedrich is key to our company. His extraordinary story will play an important role in our future plans.

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