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Once you go black,
you never go back.

We took Black Friday quite serious. Limited to only 100 pieces.

It was never my dream to start a watch brand, but to become an accordionist.

During his studies at the conservatory in Italy Yvo made his first timepiece, to cover up he was having a hard time. It was never his intention to start a watch brand. However, that turned out pretty differently!

Yvo Staudt is a watch maker, entrepreneur, life coach and accordion player.

We design, we develop, we assemble and above all we love watches

We love to make mechanical watches. Every detail is important to us. So we design, develop and assemble all our watches ourselves in The Netherlands.

We have something to tell you about...

We never sit still, some even say we are using seven league boots. At our articles page you can find several articles from people that wrote about us or where we tell ourselves about our adventures, developments and what's on our mind.


This is our masterpiece.

The Praeludium Guilloche is our masterpiece. In order to realise it, we worked closely with a select group of craftsmen. The dial is hand cut from solid silver and the watchcase is exclusively available in 18-karat rose gold. Only 25 examples of this limited-edition watch were made available in the Netherlands. Each watch is numbered, both on the dial and the case.

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Praeludium Guilloche

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We work closely together some really passionate retailers. They can tell you everything about us.

Juwelier Van Hell

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Our Story

Discover how it all started


How we make our timepieces

Learn everything about how we make our timepieces.


The chronology

Learn more about the timeline of our watches


Our "history"

Our watchmaking history is not so long. However our name is a bit longer.