Painting a model totally blue!

Photoshoot for our new Staudt Ton sur Ton collection. Take a look in the day of shooting photo’s for the Ton Sur Ton collection with Yvo guiding you through the day!

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WatchTime: Beautifully Bicompax: Comparing Chronographs

August 24, 2021

Jens Koch wrote a wonderful review about three bicompax chronographs, ours turned out to be not bad at al!

Monochrome: The Staudt Guilloché Chronograph, a Dutch Watch made with Jochen Benzinger

May 24, 2021

In this article Robin Nooy from Monochrome elaborates on our Guilloché Chronograph. “The Staudt collection is certainly worth your time, and the new Staudt Guilloché Chronograph is no exception.”

Guilloche Chronograph

March 9, 2021

This chronograph watch is a masterpiece. The Guilloche dial is engine turned from solid Sterling silver on a century-old rose engine and the case made from 18-carat solid gold. Limited to only 50 pieces, individually numbered on the dial.

Hand Guilloche; how a rose engine works

March 9, 2021

Yvo visits Jochen Benzinger at his atelier in Germany to show and talk about how the rose engine works. The rose engine is the machine with which Guilloche patterns are created.

Yvo about the Staudt Praeludium Black Edition watches

September 22, 2020

Shooting with sand at a watch? Yvo will elaborate on the Praeludium Black Edition, how it’s made and why he loves the Black Edition.

Monochrome: Staudt Praeludium Chronograph Black Edition

November 29, 2019

Our Praeludium Chronograph Black Edition being reviewed by Brice Goulard from Monochrome. “The brand masculinizes its game with a full black watch.”

KENSINGTON Polo Trophy 2019 – Interview with Yvo Staudt

July 25, 2019

An interview with Yvo Staudt on why the sponsorship from Staudt matches with the Kensington Polo Trophy 2019. Get a sneak peak of the Kensington Polo Trophy Event which took place at Polopark Zürich.

Staudt teams up with BMW

June 1, 2019

Bert Buijsrogge from Fratello Watches wrote a review about our newest Praeludium Chronograph in British Racing Green. Check it out via the link below. Staudt is an official partner for the BMW Privileges program in The Netherlands. A select group of BMW clients were invited to the Staudt-farm in Boekelo, where Yvo Staudt told his…

Fratello: New Staudt Praeludium Chronograph model – British Racing Green

June 1, 2019

Bert Buijsrogge from Fratello Watches wrote a review about our newest Praeludium Chronograph in British Racing Green (direct link).

Watches ‘n tango at Inhorgenta Munich

February 1, 2019

Er is veel gaande in de wondere wereld van de luxe horloges. Over de hele wereld vinden marktverschuivingen plaats en veel grote merken varen een nieuwe koers. Dat ondervind de bekend(st)e horlogebeurs BaselWorld in Basel ook. Afgelopen jaren heeft het overgrootte deel van de exposanten de beurs vaarwel gezegd en zijn er zelfs hele hallen…