Ain't no green

like British

racing green.


Prelude Chronograph. Round, three hands, a mechanical movement and you wear it around your wrist. Sounds pretty much like the essence of a wristwatch, right? Practically speaking, nowadays you hardly need it, but it is a piece of jewellery that tells your story. A tiny miracle of gears, springs and screws; where every micrometre gets the attention it deserves.

British racing green | Ref. P41.093-S14 | from 4.019,- Euro

chrono side view

Sporty, yet elegant.

Every millimetre of the 41mm watch case is made with love from stainless steel or solid 18 carat rose gold. This case wears as a sporty classical watch, due to the height of 13.6mm and the two pushers on the side. Both on the front and backside you find a sapphire crystal.

Guilloche Chronograph watch back side Staudt

Miraculous mechanics. Sometimes keeping things as they are is a very good idea. No batteries, no notifications, no smart functions. Just some springs, gears and screws. A timeless technique.

ETA 7753 SD

Swiss made. Over 275 tiny mechanical parts, all crafted with one purpose: to show you every moment of the day the time.

Two-tone dial finish. Chronograph complication. Matte paint in the middle of the dial, did you notice it's also inside the minute track? Hands that end exactly in the middle of the minute track. Oh boy, we love making watches.


Rose gold plated polished leaf hands that end exactly in the middle of the minute track. 

Chronograph complication to measure time.

A genuine Horween Shell Cordovan strap.

Stainless steel watch case with a diameter of 41mm and a thickness of 13.6mm.

Strap it around your wrist. The finest hides, biological tanned and handcrafted in Italy. A watch strap can make or break your watch. This will certainly make it.

straps website

Fancy a sportier look? This Milanaise bracelet will transform your watch. Steel threads are woven into a solid bracelet. It is a heavy fella.

Staudt Twenthe

Into the mind of the maker. "A modern twist on a classic design. This watch is based on my first timepiece ever. With great respect for my initial design, I played with different kinds of textures and finishes, to create something more modern and futureproof.

Staudt Twenthe

Into the mind of the maker. "It was my intention to zoom in on the vintage feel of the Praeludium collection. Highlighted by the deep dark green combined with the contrast of the rose gold hands, I really love how they pop out".


Two cases. 4 dials. Lots of straps. A dozen variations. Let's make it yours.

We'll not give it away easily. You will get your timepiece packed in an impressive box that lasts a lifetime, which you can convert into a collectors box for four watches. 

Regular Collectors box