Your story makes it unique.

Staudt P20 personalisation design drawing outlines

You're about to create something special. We offer you to create a timepiece that reflects your story. This way you can create a monument that will tell your story to generations to come.

In Germany, Netherlands and Dublin it is not possible to order directly, only via our retailers.

Staudt Chronometrie watch prelude automatic mechanical personalisation

The dial can be your canvas. Every dial can be personalised with your unique design. That can be a text, a family crest, logo or even a finger print. Our designers will work out your idea, after which it will be pad printed onto the dial.

Front illustration P20 V2 free space

The red marked part you can use to pad print your personal text or image.

Schermafbeelding 2023-06-19 om 12.48.57

Choose your font. These are the standard fonts we offer. A font can be requested on several places, please fill out one out of three below options. Do you want your own font? That’s possible, we then need the font files from you to process them in your design.

Schermafbeelding 2023-06-19 om 16.44.20

A small gesture. Normally there is a 'S' engraved in the crown, but you can put your initials there. Or a small logo. Or a smiley. 

Some inspiration. Here we show some of the projects we did for clients. Do you want to create your own personalised timepiece? Go to your local retailer and ask him about the possibilities.